The following is information I shared after the Reflections on the Dance website came out to convey why this site was created and what was going on at the time...the phenomenon that so many of you personally witnessed as well...of so many mourning the loss of Michael and so many seeking answers.

I’m often asked several of the same questions by many in regards to the website.  Two of the most frequently asked are “why did you do all of this?” and “how are you so certain about who Michael is and so certain of his innocence?”

The website creation process was intense, powerful and spiritual.  I will share more of that with all of you soon.

To answer some of the questions posed above, I will share with you a little about what my life has been like since the site went live.  A lot of my time now is spent talking with people all over the globe.  Many people seek me out for advice and to talk to, and what they are seeking is God (to find Him, to find their faith, for meaning), they are looking for healing and release from past and current pain, they desire to be finally understood and they hope for relief from the unexplicable pain they feel since Michael’s passing.  Most, though they do not know me, feel a sense of trust with me and I can only attribute that to God.  I very much consider that a blessing.  Many, while speaking to me, get emotional or cry because they feel that, sometimes for the first time in a long time, or ever, that they are being understood.

I have always believed that this website was a calling on my life to put truth out there about a man that was so mischaracterized. 

While creating the website, I experienced many things that assured me that this was an assignment from God, not the least of which was a very strong sense of knowing that I needed to do this and a strong drive, the likes of which I had never felt before, that had me working nearly 24/7 for 4 months straight. 

Michael often explained that his songs came through him, that he was the vehicle.  I felt much the same while creating the website. 

God continues to show me His involvement in this project.  He brought to me the right information and the right people.  Many of the people I did not seek out, but found them quite easily.  I was able to interview key people easily (and in my job, I can tell you that the process of securing an interview is usually time-consuming and labor-intensive).  For this site, that was not the case.  People and information, fell into my lap, sometimes as if God was carrying it to me Himself.  The information and people I needed, were always right there, at the ready, without much effort on my part.  Even now, He continues to bring to me people that, through their connection with and love for Michael, are seeking relief over their loss and are seeking faith and God Himself!

I have long sensed and known God’s involvement in this.  THAT is why I am so certain.

Because, through this process, God allowed me to see who Michael really is and He allowed me to connect with and feel, intensely, emotions that I can only explain as Michael’s.  Emotions so strong and powerful, that the times I would experience them, they would overcome me and cause my body to shake and I would sob.   This was something I went through many times during the 4 months of the site’s creation.   I KNEW that Michael was innocent and that he went through much deception and betrayal, long before I even found out details that would confirm that. It was more than just the betrayal we hear about, it was a feeling so strong and intense, it was hard to describe.

I also know that God would not involve Himself in a tribute that would honor Michael, if what was being said about Michael, and the accusations that came against him, were true.  God always vindicated Michael throughout and Michael always loved God and spoke of his love and belief in God.  God does not leave us when we seek Him.  Michael always brought people together and now, I believe, that God is allowing Michael, to bring others to Him.

I’ve always felt that one of the things that God wanted people to realize through this project and through getting to know who Michael Joseph Jackson truly was and is, is that Michael was truly one of His very own, Michael was innocent, and that Michael was now with him.  God only involves Himself in truth.  THAT is why I am so certain and why, though I did not personally know Michael, that I can say with certainty that he was truly innocent and that I can share with certainty, who he was.  This continues to be confirmed to me by people who knew Michael.  I thank God that I have been able to do this.

I will soon share more in-depth the experience behind the creation of the website, in detail, as I hope that will shed even more light as to why I created the site, what my purpose is, what I experienced and why  I feel the way I do.  But make no mistake.  This project is all about Michael and it’s origin is spiritual.  I hope that as I share more, that will help everyone understand even more thoroughly why Reflections on the Dance has been so important to me and why, getting the truth out there, is so important.  Lots of love to all of you.


Excerpt from the upcoming story: